Files CDN Features

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File expire 7 days after no downloads
Unlimited Upload
Unlimited Download
Unlimtited Upload
Unlimited Download
1k - 50MB Files Never Expire
50MB+ Files Expire after 30 Days No Downloads
Unlimited Upload
Unlimited Download
Files Never Expire
No Ads

Unlimited Storage
We offer unlimited storage for free, you can use our service to host unlimited files.
Unlimited Download
Download your files unlimited times. In addition your friends, family and your users can download your files unlimited times.
Unlimited Storage time
Your files will never expire after you upload them. Don't worry about expiration time.
Secure and protected
Our service is trusted and secure. We use SSL to protect your connection and RAID configuration to protect your files.
Mobile Web
Our service is optimised to your mobile devices, you can easily browse our website using your mobile devices.
While Using our service you will be also able to earn money by promoting your own files.
Support 24/7
Our team are 24/7 ready to help you. If you need support, contact us and we will help you soon as possible.
Files Manager
Manage your files easily, restore removed files, public folder and share the link with your users.
Extra Options
In your account settings you will find a considerable amount of settings like: Hidden download count, upload date, mp3 player, video player, enable mp3 auto play, auto reply and many more.